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We can manufacture pads to almost any size requirements.  If you are replacing the pads in a Cool Breeze machine you can call us with the model number of your cooler or the serial number and we should be able to identify the pad size required.  If you have another make of cooler, the safest way of finding out the pad size is to measure the actual pads in your cooler.  This would require you to lift a pad out of the cooler and take an accurate measurement of the height, width and thickness of the actual pad.  It is very important not to mix up the height and the width.  Due to the nature in which these pads work they can only be installed in one orientation so that the water is able to run down the flutes of the pad.

Once you have the size of pads required you are welcome to contact us and we can give you an immediate quote for the replacement pads.  If you are happy to go ahead with the order it usually takes us 1 - 2 days to prepare your order for dispatch. Larger orders may take longer. Once payment has been cleared customers are welcome to collect the pads directly from our factory in Johannesburg or alternatively we can pack the pads into suitable cartons ready for your courier to collect.




Most replacement pads for Cool Breeze coolers have a groove cut into the top of the pad to facilitate the water distribution.  When we supply replacement pads for Cool Breeze coolers they are pre-cut with grooves in the top but are supplied without the plastic cap and spreader as found in the Cool Breeze coolers.  These plastic caps and spreaders in the coolers can be re-used when replacing the pads.  Simply lift the parts off the existing pads and place them onto the new replacement pads. In some cases the plastic parts may need to be glued into position on the replacement pad.  Sealer or Contact type adhesives are best used for this purpose.

Pad clips (as in the displayed photo) suitable for use in Seeley / Breezair coolers are available to purchase with all pad orders or available as loose items.   

Contact us for more info.

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